South Pacific Bible College celebrated its 50th Birthday and there are many buildings that are in urgent need of repairs. There are 28 buildings on the campus and some have not had repairs for over 15 years. Some of the needs include:

- Painting - inside and out of all buildings
- New ceilings in classrooms
- Guttering and repair of outside boards on buildings

Renovating the current Chapel Building: painting, new tile on floor, new lighting, new louvers, new ceiling

Renovating the Administration Building:
there is extensive work that needs to be done in this building as there is water seeping in through the back wall. 

Bathroom block for Men and Women needs to have ceramic tile on floors, paint, and new louvers

Married Quarters
repairs to Bathroom Block and outside wood kitchens where they can cook under a simple roofed structure

If you are willing to give toward these projects on the SPBC Campus you can give through our account Jerry Jacob 2907798 and designate the gift to PROJECT #5637.

If you would like to send a construction team please contact us by emailing us on the welcome page of our website - that would be a great blessing!


Painting and replacing of the wood on all buildings is urgently needed
Men's Dorm
Men’s Bathroom Block in need of repairs
Wall in the Administration Building that often has a waterfall coming out of the back wall
Rotting boards, guttering, roof painting to name a few of the urgent repairs needed!